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"If you are looking for amazing criminal trial attorneys, look no further. After being arrested in October 2013, I went through two other law firms and a very biased Public Defender before I was blessed enough to retain the services of Bay Area Criminal Lawyers. David and Cherie are a dangerous pair. The time and preparation that was put into my defense far exceeded my expectations. I do believe I saw the D.A quiver during trial-you could see the defeat on his face. I was facing 20 years in prison. After 23 months of incarceration and an exhausting, intense trial, I was found NOT GUILTY of all charges against me. David and Cherie get things done! Thank you guys, you know how much you mean to me."
- [Name withheld to protect client confidentiality]

"David, thank you and your staff for the excellent and tireless job you did that eventually ended with the entire case being DISMISSED!! Your team was relentless in its pursuit of my case....Continued

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Bay Area Criminal Lawyers Blog

  • BACL was retained to file State and Federal Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus in a case in which the client was sentenced to 59 years to life at 85%.
  • BACL was retained in a Federal Vandalism case taking place on federal Land
  • BACL was retained in a Federal Child Pornography case
  • BACL was retained in a DUI Case in Marin County
  • BACL announced that they are working on a two-day Preliminary Hearing for a case involving a high profile possible Life sentence of a Kidnapping/Armed Robbery case
  • BACL are currently working on a Complex 995 motion filed in a Large White Collar Fraud/Tax case
  • BACL succeeded in convincing the Court to order the Attorney General to respond to our motion to reinstate the Appellate Rights of Client Who is Facing a 25 Year Sentence
  • BACL filed a Motion for a New Trial in a Federal Receiving Stolen Property Case
  • A surrender date in a DUI case in Trinity County was successfully postponed after BACL was retained to investigate issues surrounding an earlier unrepresented plea
  • BACL filed a motion to Set Aside/Expunge a conviction
  • BACL handled an arraignment in a 54-count Federal Tax and Structuring case. Client was released on recognizance.
  • Bay Area Criminal Lawyers are working on an Involuntary Manslaughter and Child Abuse trial, set to commence in Contra Costa County
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Drug-sniffing Dog on Porch Constitues 'Search'

The Supreme Court held that the use of a drug-sniffing dog on defendant/home-owner's porch to determine the contents inside the home constitutes a 'search' within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution. Florida v. Jardines, 133 S. Ct. 1409

Fact That Increases Penalty For Crime is 'Element' for Jury

Overruling one of its prior decisions, the Supreme Court held that, "Any fact that, by law, increases the penalty for a crime is an 'element' that must be submitted to the jury and found beyond a reasonable doubt," including facts that increase the mandatory minimum sentence for a defendant.

* * * * *

Defendant in serious felony trial for sex charges involving a minor facing 20 year maximum sentence found NOT GUILTY on all counts (Alameda County, Hayward Hall of Justice)

Experienced criminal trial attorney and owner David J. Cohen, Esq and his senior associate Cherie R. Wallace successfully represented a defendant facing serious felony sex charges involving a minor in Alameda County who was faced with a sentence of two decades. After 2 years of strategic and persistent litigation by the criminal attorneys at Bay Area Criminal Lawyers, Not Guilty verdicts on all counts.

Defendant charged in multi-million dollar fraud case DISMISSED (Stanislaus County, Stanislaus Superior Court)

The dedication, persistence and hard work of firm owner David J. Cohen and associate attorney Michael J. Pellegrini, paid off in the dismissal of our client on all charges after three long years of motions and litigation

Defendant charged with serious felony sex offenses results in NO 290 REGISTRATION (Contra Costa County, Martinez)

Associate Michael J. Pellegrini, Esq. received a favorable outcome in a case involving multiple felony charges, including sex offenses and forcible rape, from a 30 year exposure to 4 and a half months and non 290 registration

Defendant with felony sex charges facing 84 years to life sentenced to 1 year county jail with all charges DISMISSED except one (Contra Costa County, Martinez)

Defendant was originally charged with several felony sex charges with life-tops. Attorneys David J. Cohen and Cherie R. Wallace diligently presented and pursued an aggressive defense for our client resulting in dismissal of all counts except one, with a sentence of 1 year in county jail at half-time.

Release motion granted after 9 year confinement (Napa County)

Motion for release of individual confined for almost nine years at the Napa State Hospital after jury verdict of not guilty by reason of insanity was granted two months after Bay Area Criminal Lawyers was hired to handle the case and fix the interminable and ongoing confinement issue. The prosecution's motion for continuing indefinite confinement was dismissed and denied.

Motion for post-conviction relief for validated prison gang member GRANTED

Our client was validated as a gang member in a high security California prison, denied good time/work time credits, and locked down in administrative segregation 23.5 hours a day. His release date was decreed by the CDCR to be five years later than initially calculated. BACL's motion for post-conviction relief succeeded in all respects. The client was released into the general population with good time/work time credits restored and his original release date five years earlier.

Sex and molestation charges DISMISSED and client released (San Mateo County)

Trial in 45 year serious sex and molestation case in San Mateo County initially resulted in 38 month no contest plea after defense motions to suppress were granted; and later resulted in all sexually related charges and lifetime registration being dismissed and immediate release of client after motion to vacate the plea due to prosecutorial misconduct in withholding favorable information at the trial was GRANTED.

Psychiatrist's previously imposed jail sentence WITHDRAWN

Psychiatrist who was facing loss of his practice and livelihood avoided any issues, and was able to avoid custody after BACL was hired to fix and have withdrawn a previously imposed jail sentence, and a previously sustained conviction that may have seriously affected his license.

Bail motion GRANTED in federal copyright infringement case (California, Ninth Circuit, Court of Appeals)

Individual who was represented by an appointed lawyer at his trial for federal copyright violations was convicted on all counts and sentenced to an extended term in federal prison with an imminent surrender date. BACL was hired. The surrender date was vacated, and the client, after extensive motions and an ongoing hearing, was granted bail during the pendency of his appeal. BACL is currently handling the appeal, with the opening brief filed subject to a ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on an application to file a brief significantly longer than ordinarily permitted by the rules of the federal court of appeals.

Mandatory minimum sentence avoided in federal weapons and narcotics case (County of San Francisco, Northern District Court)

Client in federal court for the Northern District of California in San Francisco was facing weapons and narcotics charges involving a minimum mandatory federal sentence of five years in federal prison. After BACL got involved in the case, the client received a sentence of five months jail and five months home detention, and the weapons charges and minimum mandatory charges were dismissed.

Law Enforcement Officer Restraining Order DISMISSED

Restraining Order request and temporary restraining order against a federal law enforcement officer dismissed in their entirety after a hearing within 45 days of BACL being hired in a matter that had been ongoing for several years.

Domestic violence charges DISMISSED (Alameda County)

Domestic violence charges involving injury dismissed in Alameda County when BACL prepared for and declared ready for trial after a complete investigation with witnesses ready. Client served several weekends in jail on lesser charge permitting him to continue his job without interruption.

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